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Don’t Change Much

DontChangeMuch.caI’ve spoken about getting healthy in the past, yet always find myself too easily falling back into old habits.

It’s as if fitness and good health is hard or something.

I guess that makes sense though. If good health were easy, everyone would be hitting the gym, exercising, eating properly and living as close as to forever as possible (science!). Fast food wouldn’t be fast. Junk food would actually be junk. Sunshine. Rainbows!


Recently I was chatting about my challenge with getting a hold on life with a co-worker and he suggested I check out the Don’t Change Much campaign. Built on the premise that with a few easy tips, men can make small changes to great impact on good health, it was if the program was built with me in mind.

For instance, simply drinking 5 tall glasses of water throughout the day can make it 54% less likely of suffering a fatal heart attack. And dang, I can do that. I can easily drink water. Or how simply swapping out half of those tasty fries for a half salad helps add a serving of fruit or veggies into your diet. Again, easy.

My hope is to continue to check-in with you as I “don’t change much.” But if you have any other easy tips to share, please do! The internet is a big place and my guess is that many of you are either wanting to join me on this journey, could be already well into your trip, or have already gone quite a way to good health – you’ve all likely learned much and my hope is that I can in turn learn from you.

So… what simple things have you done to help you get healthy?

While you’re thinking, watch this video:

Wedding Budget Stress

While it’s been a while since I wrote a post here, some of you may have been following me over on my wedding blog – Marriage in Maui.

Wedding Budget Stress

So I figured I would cross the virtual line and give leftcoastbydesign some love by talking about really my only stress of the wedding to date – the budget.

When Marnie and I decided on our date and location, we committed to a makeshift budget based on costs we were aware of and those suggested by a wedding template we grabbed off the internet. And while a destination wedding is somewhat different (who am I kidding, it’s just different) than a local wedding, we figured we had everything under control.

And I guess we still sort of do.

It’s just that our expenses seem to be more of a moving target than a static one. Different costs come into play that we didn’t consider from the onset (such as a shuttle bus for our guests to our venue), while others have been higher than our estimate.

Fortunately both of our parents have committed to helping us out. And we both have savings to support our contribution – thank you Shaw Communications for my employee stock option grant – so we’re not in a world of hurt. But I can sure see how people can get in a bad way.

So I ask you this. What would you do to save a few bucks on a destination wedding?

Featured Playoff Beard: Rock the Casbah

This was originally posted over at Canucks Hockey Blog and I thought to spread the message by bringing it here too!

2011 Canucks Playoff Beard 2 - Day 41 - ProfileAs many of you know, not only am I a pretty die-hard Canucks fan, I’m one of many who have grown a playoff beard to support the team.

And as both J.J. and I have mentioned previously, I’m also participating in the NHLPA Beard-a-thon, to raise money in support of the Heart & Stroke Foundation in order to put as many defibrillators as possible in arenas across Canada.

I appreciate your support with a pledge, and also, I wanted to draw your attention that I’ll be the featured “playoff beard” of the day today, Friday (May 27th), and was hoping you could spread the word that you “know the guy” on the front page of the Beard-a-thon website. My hope is that with the increased exposure, a relatively decent beard (and one that hasn’t grown this much – ever), and your support that we can work together to raise as much money possible to get those AEDs in rinks across the country.

Thank you for your time and support!

Go Canucks Go!

Back to School

It’s been close to a decade since I last attended a class at a facility of higher education. In fact, it’s been such a long time that the institution that I went to doesn’t exist in the same fashion – Kwantlen University College is now Kwantlen Polytechnic University (less College I guess).

Well, tonight will mark the first night of my first class at Langara College.


Langara College at Night – courtesy of Cara

Having hummed and hawwed about going back to school for quite some time, and then never really clearly understood what I exactly wanted to take, I’m quite happy that I finally decided to bite the bullet.

On numerous occasions I’ve mentioned how I’d like to become more proficient at web design and development. Although I wish I would have stuck to the process of being self-taught (I used to hand-code my Geocities site back in the day), I gave up after a year or two and simply forgot what I knew. Anywho, having talked to a few people and looked around online I ended up determining that taking the Web Publisher Certificate program was the best route for me.


Code, Lots of Code – courtesy of -ant!

As I’ll be taking the slow and easy route, I figure it will take me about a year and half to a full two years to complete the program, but I’m okay with that – similar to dipping your feet into the water to check the temperature and then slowly getting in. And depending on how it goes, I may take other courses/classes/programs of interest if the opportunity were to present itself.

So what do you think? Something you might be interested in for yourself? What stands in your way if you’re interested?

All I know is that I’ve got “first day of school” jitters. And I’m not unhappy about it.

Canucks 2010 Playoff Beard Challenge – Day 3

So far the Playoff Beard Challenge is off to a steady start – just me. But word has it there might be something coming down the pipeline on the team side, for those of you who want in on the action, time is of the essence!

Anywho, here’s my progress through three days – some good quality stubble:

Canucks 2010 Playoff Beard - Chris - Day 3

Chris – Day 3

Join the Canucks 2010 Playoff Beard Challenge by keeping us all up-to-date on the progress of your playoff beard by adding your photos to the flickr group – http://www.flickr.com/groups/canucksplayoffbeard/

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