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A Nose for the Tropics

If there was one thing that was immediately noticeable upon arriving to Maui, it had to be the subtle fragrance in the air. Although the scent may be intensified by the humidity in the air, you know you’ve arrived in paradise (or at least my version of it).


A Bloomin’ Hibiscus

According to wikipedia, there’s only two seasons here. If I had to guess, they are called “lots of flowers spring” and “still lots of flowers summer.” I’m not joking. If I were to draw a correlation to what I know from back home, it’s that this feels like summer and a representative amount of floral foliage. And yet my folks (who’ve been here a number of times) tell me that back in March, there were tonnes and tonnes of flowers – I can’t being to imagine what the the air would have smelled like.


A Shrub – with a “rooster” bloom (I’ll share more later)

If anything, it reminds me of my first job. I worked for Harris Nurseryland & Florist in Tsawwassen and there wasn’t a better morning than having just watered all the plants in the spring and having the opportunity to take in that deep breath of vibrantly pure fragrance. The difference from then is that this is paradise, while Harris was that first job. I’m sure you can connect the dots from there.

Aloha from Kihei, HI


I’m typing this while sitting poolside in Kiehi, Hi on the island of Maui. Suffice to say, the post alone has taken about 20 minutes to even start because I’m too busy enjoying the heat, humidity, and sunshine.

Another Maui Sunset from Makena

A Maui Sunset – courtesy of Tavis Jacobs

I haven’t pulled out my camera yet, but it seems that with every step I take I want to take a shot. It’s just unbelievable! And the humidity is nothing like I have ever experienced – it’s like permanently living in the Bloedel Conservatory, especially with the constant call of various tropical birds.

Anywho, the pool beckons my participation so I’m going to bug out. I’ll try to post each day to share with you my adventures (albeit somewhat boring due to the fact we’re here with my folks) as I know how much y’all are enjoying the monsoon back at home.


Skegness – So Far

Although I’ve only been to the UK for a few days, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. I have yet to be run over when crossing the street (it’s tough when you have 30 years of looking to the left and then are told instead to look to the right), I getting by at understanding and conversing with people using the local dialect (truck = lorry), and I’ve found that McDonald’s provides free WiFi and allow me to come out and play. It’s been fantastic.

I would like to show off some of my pictures I’ve taken so far, but I failed to remember to bring my USB cable along with me so you’ll have to wait for now. So in an effort to describe my first impression of Skegness, I’d advise you that it’s a quaint seaside town with a flair for the dramatic. Make sense? Probably not. I’m finding it interesting that on the immediate coastline, there are more casino/arcade/amusement centers to count on one hand. And each one of them has neon lights lit, bells and whistles going, and announcers disclosing the latest bingo ball pulled. However, only a minutes walk away and it’s got a small-town village feel with what I would describe as small cottages.

It’s also shocking that there are cameras everywhere. Almost every fourth lamp post or standard has one attached, nearly every building both inside and out, and there are signs advising you that you are under constant watch even if you don’t immediately see any cameras nearby. I don’t believe I’ll be up to anything that would garner the interest of whomever is watching, but it’s quite different than what we’re used to back in Vancouver. The sheer number of cameras is just amazing.

Anywho, it appears that my batter is running low, so I shall be off.

Off to Skegness


Having never been to the international departure lounge here at YVR, I’m quite impressed. Although I may have very low standards considering I’ve never really travelled, it is far more visually stimulating than anything I’ve seen at the domestic departure area. Craziness.

British Airways at YVR

Anywho, I’m sitting here in Milestones enjoying a Roasted Corn and Potato Chowder before I hop on BA 84 to London, where we will then make our way out the coast to our final destination of Skegness. My flight is already going to be departing 30 minutes late, but apparently that is the norm from what FlightStats, so what can I do? I’m just glad that the first game of the World Series is on the tube and that YVR has some free WiFi for me to tap into. Otherwise I’d be going mental (apparently getting here 4 hours before the flight is somewhat overkill this time of year).

Leaving on a Jetplane

Having only travelled beyond the borders of the Great White North a handful of times (France and the United States for those keeping track), I’m quite the neophyte to international travel and I really shouldn’t count the US as I’ve only been as far south as Seattle (and that was only this last year). So as you can see, my upcoming trip to the United Kingdom is reason enough for me to dust off the site some and share the news with the whole world.

The Jolly Fisherman

So far, our itinerary has us traveling to Skegness to visit Marnie’s Grandma and a couple of nights in London. We’ve already booked our flights (British Airways direct to London), our train tickets (Kings Cross via Grantham to Skegness), and even booked our room in London on our return swing. What more do we need to do? I already picked up a dual converter kit to ensure that I don’t completely fry out my Macbook while I’m there, a hidden wallet to keep my passport and money under wraps, and a light bag for day trips (thank you MEC!) but I have no clue if there is anything I missing. Any ideas?


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