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Plugged In: “Immortal – Michael Jackson”

Michael Jackson ImmortalI’m going to assume you’ve all heard Michael Jackson before. In fact, if you haven’t I might seriously judge you. Like seriously. His contribution to music is still heard and seen today and it would shock me if Michael wasn’t part of your auditory life. And because of this we’ve probably heard it all.

That’s where “Immortal – Michael Jackson” comes in handy.

Featuring some of his most popular tracks remastered and redesigned to support the Cirque du Soleil tour of the same name, Immortal gives you much of what you know but mixed in a way that makes everything new. Whether you need some music to jam to, clean house by (it’s my Mr. Clean mojo), or simply get your groove on you’ll find this album will fit.

And if you’re so inspired, I highly recommend you head down to Las Vegas and check out Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE performance. Or at least give my review of it a read. 🙂


Updating the MacBook

Having used a MacBook Air for the better part of three or four years, I figure it is now time to consider an upgrade.

Now that’s not to say I have to make the switch today, but with $975 kicking around in a Personal Health Spending Account (of which half needs to be spent this year) there is some thought that I could put it to good use sooner than later.  It also makes the thousand dollar investment much more palatable.  On top of that, the company I work for also has an Employee Purchase Plan through Apple which gives me a modest discount to boot.

So here I sit on the Apple Store website with a decision – do I replace my current MacBook Air with a newer version?  Or do I go with a MacBook Pro to rock the world with?

While there are plenty of options available with either choice, I can’t make my mind up whether I want to go with the stock 13in 128GB MBA for $1033+tax or the stock 13in MBP for $1127+tax.  What has me thinking the MBA is the route to go is that I’m all about portability and can’t imagine carrying the larger MBP around.  That said, going Pro means I have a machine that packs a bit more punch and much more storage capacity.

So what do you do in my shoes?  Air or Pro?  Or do you hold off on spending the cash today and wait for Apple to launch better models in the near future?

Blogging on an iPad

Anyone have much experience blogging while on the go?

While this post is coming straight from the WordPress iOS app on my iPad 4, I’m not entirely sold that it is the best solution for me. Sure it will work in a pinch – or if I have a post already lined up and just need to fine tune it – but it doesn’t occur to me to be representative of the web experience.

And in searching for alternative apps, it’s like I’m looking for a particular blade of grass in a lush field of green.

So what do you use? Or do you save your ideas and type ’em up once you’re at home? If that’s your route, what do you use to jot those ideas down?

Having spent some time weighing my choice between being a Commie or an Orgy, I’ve come to the decision that switching over to a WordPress.com blog will better suit my needs. Based on this, you’ll find me take a short siesta as I transfer everything over.

See you on the flipside!


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