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My Love

One year ago to the day, I married my beautiful wife Marnie.  I have truly enjoyed each day with since, just as I have enjoyed each day prior and look to enjoy each day forward.  She is my everything.

I love you Marnie!

You can learn more about our wedding story and see more pictures at Marriage in Maui.

One Day in LA

As part of my journey to rediscover my soul, the wife and I will have one whole day in Los Angeles and haven’t a clue on how we’ll spend it.

That’s right – one whole day!

Our problem is that there is so much that we could do in LA and we’re having difficulty choosing one or two things.

We could go up to Disneyland, as I’ve never been, but we think that would take the whole day. Hop on a Starline Tour Bus and simply see the sights? Visit Universal Studios?  Or visit Rodeo Drive.

What would you do with just one day in LA?

I Ate This – Fisherman’s Boot Cafe

Having heard of this mythical Fisherman’s Boot Cafe, my wife and I decided to go for a walk in an effort to find out if there was any truth that the Steveston Harbour Authority had this rough cut gem of a restaurant inside of its compound.
Fisherman's Boot Cafe
Located at the south end of Trites Road in Richmond, BC inside the somewhat ominous Yellow Gate, otherwise known as the Steveston Harbour Authority (though open to the public kind of), this old school greasy spoon restaurant serves up relatively decent homestyle cooking at what I can define as affordable prices.

Now if you’re looking for a full service cafe with a tonne of choice, you’re likely better off heading west into Steveston because you won’t be finding that here. The menu has at most four or five breakfast options, house specials, sandwiches and mains. And while tasty, the options are also quite basic. The cafe does have daily specials, but the suffice to say that menu is quite concise.

For instance, my wife and I went for both lunch one day (we missed breakfast, our intended meal) and had ham & grilled cheese sandwiches. Served with fries, each plate set us back $7 – affordable yet basic. On the following day, we got up earlier to ensure we could grab breakfast and each had bacon & eggs (served with toast, hashbrowns & coffee) for $6. Again, while straight and to the point, I’m not sure I can even beat that price at home.

There’s also the fact that it’s inside what I can best describe as a fishing warehouse. Why does that matter? Well, you can definitely smell the history in there. But I feel that adds to the character charm of the place. And there’s also the regular clientele that add to the atmosphere and truly reflect its unique location.

Would I go back again? For sure. Is the service phenomenal? No, but then again it seems to be a one-person shop and considering how busy & steady business was, I doubt she could do much more. Is the food out of this world? No, but then again the prices reflect that and frankly, provide far better value than anywhere else.

And good value ain’t that bad.

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The 91st Minute – March 8 vs Toronto FC

Doing something new this season, I plan on giving you a few of my thoughts at the end of every Whitecaps FC match I attend or watch. I’ve grown up on the game of soccer my whole life and feel that my opinion from the safety of my keyboard is just as good as the next blogger. Or at least pretty close to as good. Now on with our regularly scheduled feature.

Talk about a tale of two halves. In the first half of play, the ‘Caps carried much of the play through a high standard of pace, yet could only capitalize on one Octavio Rivero opportunity (and that was to make amends for his early flub on what was a sure goal). Yet, Toronto held their own and got a marker of their own from Jozy Alitdore in the 32nd minute.

Unfortunately, the Whitecaps chose to leave all the creativity and pace in the locker room upon their return to the pitch in the second half and TFC took advantage. After Robbie Findley put the Reds ahead in the 59th minute, the Whitecaps had no answer to Toronto’s smart defensive play. Morales looked gassed. Manneh channeled his inner-Mattocks. Heck, even Mattocks channeled his inner-Mattocks. Regardless, a late penalty kick awarded to Toronto led Altidore to grab his second of the match and a final score of 3-1 for the wrong side.

A Few Things

  • Octavio Rivero did look to be the striker the Whitecaps did not have last season, flub aside. Sure it was only one match, but he had solid pace and was constantly pushing the TFC defenders.
  • Then there was Pedro Morales. In the first half he was phenomenal, but it he seemed to tire significantly as the game went on and frankly had me wondering if he wasn’t him instead of Rosales that should’ve been subbed off.
  • While I’m somewhat adverse to the stretch ’em long and kick the ball long style, there’s definitely much to be seen if a team ever plays the Whitecaps tight. So much pace available to the front line and from the bench.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, was disappointed to see fans litter the field with debris. While I don’t know what Altidore did to attract the attention of a few fans in the south side, there’s no excuse for anyone to be tossing their beverages, garbage and other such crap on to the field. Having had season tickets for the four of the Whitecaps five MLS seasons, I cannot remember a time where that much crap made its way to the pitch – streamers aside.

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