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With Glowing Hearts

Today I received a delivery I wasn’t expecting.

With Glowing Hearts - Vancouver 2010 Commemorative Book

With Glowing Hearts – courtesy of Rebecca Bollwitt

But not that I’m complaining.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a good size box addressed to me with Vancouver 2010 design waiting on the couch for my arrival home from work this evening. Not exactly sure what it was, I opened it to discover that inside was a brand spanking new copy of With Glowing Hearts / Des plus brillants exploits: The Official Commemorative Book of the XXI Olympic Winter Games and the X Paralympic Winter Games / Le livre commmoratif officiel des XXIes Jeux olympiques d’hiver et des Xes Jeux paralympiques d’hiver (furthermore known as “With Glowing Hearts” because I can’t imagine having to type that out again). What’s so odd though is I don’t remember ordering it. But again, I’m not complaining.

With Glowing Hearts - Vancouver 2010 Commemorative Book

Quote from John Furlong – courtesy of Rebecca Bollwitt

With Glowing Hearts is a beautifully put together book to commemorate both the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I have only had a brief chance to rifle through and I’m already reliving the memories and feelings that we all experienced just a few months ago. Whether it was cheering with my family when Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada’s first gold medal on home soil, experiencing a moment of anguish to be followed by sheer pandemonium on my own when Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal in the Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Game, or feeling the connection to hundreds to thousands of people enjoying the electric atmosphere on Granville Street downtown, the book is a fantastic means to keep the story fresh.

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly encourage to get yourself a copy as a keepsake. It’s well worth the money (or in my case, possibly someone else’s).

Tonight – Hockey Tweetup at MolsonCoors Brewery

Early this month, MolsonCoors opened up it’s doors to a number of people involved in the Vancouver social media scene (being pretty involved in the social media scene themselves), as well as some rabid sports fans to take in the Canada/Norway men’s hockey game. I did have a chance to go, but as I was taking in men’s and women’s curling that day, had to opt out. Apparently fun was had by all and I missed out.

Watching Olympic Hockey at the Molson Brewery

Is this guy legal? – courtesy of John Biehler

So when I saw a tweet from Ferg Devins (@MolsonFerg) asking if there was interest in attending a tweetup for tonight’s bronze medal game between Finland and Slovakia, I nearly broke my phone tweeting him back to advise of my interest.

Fortunately, Ferg did receive my message and I’m happy to say I’ll be there tonight. If you’re going, track me down – the real name is Chris and on twitter y’all know me as @lyteforce.

Richmond Revealed

If you have been watching CTV over the past week or so, you may have seen an ad talking about Richmond Revealed and it having something to do with introducing the City of Richmond to the world. Living in Richmond, and not hearing of this before, I did a little digging over at the City of Richmond website:

Richmond Revealed will offer an unparalleled series of visual spectacles to introduce Richmond, BC, Canada to the world during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Richmond Revealed will offer an unparalleled series of visual spectacles to introduce Richmond, BC, Canada to the world during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

From what I can determine, the spectacles and events will range from agriculture, technology, transportation, the arts and sustainability – stretching from a giant display of cranberries on the Fraser River outside of the Richmond Olympic Oval to a Dragon Dance at the Richmond O Zone. Each aspect will reinforce who the particular genre helped shape the City of Richmond and how it continues to shape it today.

100 Years of Powered Flight – Aviation Spectacle
Little do people know, but the first powered aircraft flight in Western Canada took place in Richmond at the what was then the Minoru Racetrack (now Minoru Oval – home of the O Zone). And today, flight still has a strong presence in the city with the location of the Vancouver International Aiport and the BCIT Aerospace Technology campus on Sea Island, so it’s ideal that such a spectacle be included.

Martin Mars Water Bomber – courtesy of TailspinT

Although different events will be held throughout the city, the largest (and I mean largest) component has to be the arrival of a Martin Mars Water Bomber. The Martin Mars (of which only two remain in use – both based out of Sproat Lake outside Port Alberni, BC) has a wingspan of over 200 feet and was originally designed to act as a flying boat and bomber during the Second World War. Having been converted to fight fires, the Martin Mars can carry over 27000L of water. It will be based off of Garry Point Park in Steveston on February 23 & 24 for those that wish to check it out.

Celebrating life in Steveston Village

Steveston Pier on Canada Day

Steveston Pier on Canada Day

In what started as a small fishing village, Steveston is now a vibrant community onto itself yet still maintains the largest commercial fishing fleet in Canada. It boasts fantastic restaurants, galleries, and services while maintaining it’s connection to the water. If seafood is your thing, you can either go to a restaurant to eat or pick something up at the pier to cook at home (unfortunately, seafood is not MY thing). Or if you would rather watch life in the water, there are both whale and eco-tours run on a regular basis from the village as well. Steveston also boats two different National Historic sites in the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and Britannia Heritage Shipyard for those that want to learn about it’s past. With strong ties to the Japanese community, Steveston has “adopted” the Japanese Speed Skating Team.

Asia’s legendary supernatural creature visits Richmond for Chinese New Year: The long and short of it

Temple – courtesy of Magalie L’Abbé

If you have been to Richmond, you understand the strong connection the city has to Asian cultures. Whether you have shopped at one of it’s many Asian malls, eaten any number of restaurants, or visited the Asian temples located on Steveston Highway or No. 5 Rd (which happens to be locally called the “highway to heaven”), you appreciate this understanding even more.

Over 40% of the population in Richmond is of Chinese descent, which happens to be the largest proportion of all Canadian cities. It is this diverse cultural base which contributes towards Richmond’s status as a cosmopolitan city. Furthermore, there is a legend that the City of Richmond is considered to be a pearl at the mouth of the Fraser River that attracts the dragon, which in turn brings luck to those who live here.

So it’s of no surprise that on February 14, to introduce the Chinese New Year, a spectacular double dragon dance accompanied by a large tai-chi performance will take place. The dragon will be one of the largest and longest to be seen in North America, something which should bring luck to all those that see it.

Transportation Spectacle


Container Inukshuk – courtesy of Stephen Rees

Located on the corner of Alderbridge Way & Gilbert Road is a giant Inukshuk built from various shipping containers. Standing at nearly 6 stories high, the arms of the giant Inukshuk point towards both the Richmond Olympic Oval and Richmond City Centre. Celebrating both the Olympics and the importance of one aspect of the transportation industry to Richmond, it stands as a welcome figure to one of the many doors to the city.

Whether it is Vancouver International Airport, the Port of Vancouver’s multi-modal shipping facility, or the fact that the city is only a short distance to the US border, transportation has always been a large part Richmond’s history. Beyond this, many different companies and organizations related to transportation such as UPS, BC Ferries Maintenance, Fraser Wharves, and several aeronautical firms call Richmond home. Another highlight is a room-sized model of the Canadarm which will be available to be seen at the Richmond O Zone.

Agricultural Spectacle

Cranberry Olympic Logo – City of Richmond

How many cranberries does it take to create a massive floating tribute to the Canada Olympic Logo? Give or take 13 million.

If you didn’t already know, Richmond happens to be the largest producer of cranberries in Canada, so it’s fitting that this spectacle represent how agriculture shaped and continues to shape Richmond as a community. Beyond this tribute, which will be floating in front of the Richmond Olympic Oval, the water fixtures at Richmond City Hall will also contain cranberries – fitting considering their colour!

So I urge you all to swing by my neck of the woods and check out Richmond Revealed. If you think you need a hint as to where to start first, drop me a line. Richmond has so much to offer and I hope you come out to learn more about this great community that I love living in.

LCBD and Two Oh Ten

Project 52

When I first acquired this domain and began to blog, I figured I’d be able to connect with the community that is the internet and allow some of the nonsense that goes on in my head to find it’s way out. Whether it be about my immediate surroundings, the different sports teams I’m fanatical about, or just the odd interest or two, I never imagined that I’d have any problems with material. But that wasn’t exactly the issue. The problem, and a big problem it continues to be, is the motivation to actually post.

So I’m excited to say that I’ve signed up for Project 52 (head nod to Kittafor putting me on it’s scent).

So what is this project you ask?

Project52 is a personal challenge geared toward getting fresh content on your website. The goal is to write at least 1 new article per week for 1 year. Because we all know what it‘s like to procrastinate on our content. A website is not just a fresh design that can be uploaded to the web and forgotten about!

One post a week seems easy enough. I recently picked up a Kodak Zx1 720p Pocket HD Camcorder so I should have some piss poor video to post. And I’m also looking at figuring out how to advance beyond the “auto” setting on my digital SLR camera, so I should have some piss poor pictures to join.

But what do you suggest? What do the three of you want to see me talk more about? What type of posts bring you through and visit? Talk to me goose!

Molson’s 2010 Mural Project

Occasionally on my commute home from work to Richmond, instead of heading down Granville, I swing westward along Burrard St. and past the Molson Brewery. An icon that has been part of the Kitsilano skyline for some time, I noticed a while back that white banners with pictures had been hung on the side of the building. Not really knowing what it was, I simply filed it under the “things that make you hmmm..” category and continued to drive on.

2010MolsonMural Launch

2010 Mural Project Banner – courtesy of Rebecca Bollwitt

Well after following @MolsonFerg on twitter, I discovered that it was actually going to be “one of the largest ever photo mosaic constructed in Canada” and Molson was looking for people like me to submit pictures to contribute to it’s success.

So being the swell guy I am, I headed to Molson Canadian 2010 Mural Project to sign-up and and submit my mug for consideration. Although I have yet to hear back (likely due to the fact I failed to update my Molson Insider email address – it still had my way old telus.net one), I don’t think my picture was up to snuff as I noticed someone standing in the background. Why is that a problem you ask? Well that’s because there are some rules silly:

  1. Must be a JPEG.
  2. A large image with only you in it – no one else in the background.
  3. Needs to be a profile/headshot.
  4. No logos, signs, gang signs, obscene content.
  5. No drinking scenes.
  6. You’re supposed to have your game face on.

So there you go. I’m still hoping that it’s just taking a long time for my picture to be accepted, but considering I think I broke rule number two (seriously, she’s like in the way and everything and I didn’t notice her standing there) I’m doubtful my picture will make it to the banner. But what’s stopping your mug from gracing the Kitsilano skyline? That’s right. Nothing. Head over to the Mural Project and sign-up. And once you’re up there, stop by and let me know so I can at least say I know someone up there.

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