With the rebirth of LCBD, I’ve again been humming and hawwing about adding some level of monetization to the site to cover costs. In the past, I’ve tried both AdSense and Text Link Ads to some level or effect and although TLA seemed to work the best for a period of time, that period is now over.

So what do you suggest? As I said, my goal is simply to cover costs which current equate to:

Altogether, I’m looking at $80 a year which might not seem like much to some, but is an expense that needs to be justified with the boss. I’d also like to earn a dollar or two here and there to continue to pay for services like Mint and to purchase some educational materials to help me better understand the interweb as a whole.

So any recommendations? I’m looking for ease of use and integration, but also for something that’s relatively effective. Or should I look elsewhere and skip the whole monetization idea altogether?