Hey baby girl. It’s me. Dad.

You been keeping it real? Your Mom tells me that you’ve been getting more & more active the closer & closer we’ve been getting to your birthday. Sure it’s still a few months away, but we’re starting to get things ready for your arrival – we bought a box of baby wipes! So cool, right?

We’ve since been told that one box will get us through a few days or weeks, but that’s okay. We know where Costco is & will likely head back there to brave the crowds to get you more. We’ll even take you with us, deal?

And we’ve even got a baby registry setup on Amazon for you. No clue what we’ll be adding here, but there are quite a few people asking us if we have one, so figured we needed to do something about that. Got any suggestions on stuff you need?

And therein lies the big question. What exactly do you need?

We know there’s some big stuff. A car seat. A stroller. A crib. And small stuff. Like clothes. And diapers. Maybe a toy. Or two.

Then there’s the whole issue of what kind and from who that we have to figure out. What are the best options for you? And where do we go to research all of this stuff? We’re not the first first-time parents, so there’s likely a whole tonne of valuable information out there.

Any personal preferences? No? Well maybe some of our friends (and your future friends) will have an idea.