Earlier today I was listening to a few tunes on Rdio and discovered something that rocked my world.

The lead-in to “Beyond” by Daft Punk was totally The Legend of Zelda-esque.


But this revelation got me thinking. How many other songs out there could have a similar unintended similarity?

I’d like to think that I’m a musical guy. I was in band throughout high school. I sang in vocal jazz (an early morning, before school started, for credit class that I aced). In fact, you’ll often catch me moving, albeit subtly, to the beat of any song that inspires me. But today I found myself connected to a different plane of musical existence.

Daft Punk and Zelda.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever heard a tune that reminded you of something completely unrelated? Sure we all have songs that remind us many things – anything from Big Wreck reminds me of some seriously sad times, while Prozaak brings me back to happy – but I’m talking about the crazy. I’d love to hear more in the comments!

A Lego version of Link from Legend of Zelda

Link is Awesome – courtesy of Andrew Becraft