It’s not often that I drop two posts in one day, but I felt obliged to do so when I saw a link to the BraveNewCode X-Mas Food Bank Drive over on Duane’s site. Simply put, Duane and Dale are looking to collect donations to put food on the tables of those who need it the most and will match these donations up until December 23rd:

It’s pretty simple: for every dollar you donate, BraveNewCode will match it, up to $15 per donation. That means $9 CAD will buy a turkey for a family. $5 will buy Christmas rolls, vegetables and cranberry sauce. For $15 you can buy an entire christmas dinner for a family. If that doesn’t get you on the nice list, we don’t know what will! (or what you did to keep you off of it!)

BraveNewCode's X-Mas Food Bank Drive

As some of you know, or should be able to figure out due to the ads that are scattered around the site, I make a few dollars and cents here at leftcoastbydesign. It’s not much, but I’m making a snidge more than I need to keep the lights on here (hosting, domain registration, etcetera & etcetera), so it didn’t even take a second thought to drop a $15 donation towards the Food Drive.

As today is the 19th and the drive runs for only 4 more days, I challenge you to scrape together the change in your pocket, the pennies on your dresser, and a few extra bucks to contribute a dinner yourself. It’s not all that much to ask, but the effort will go a long way in making Christmas special for someone who needs it the most! Click the image to the right or the direct link above and do the right thing!