Since you looked at me. Well, not quite. And no, taking liberty with the lyrics of an iconic Barenaked Ladies song is probably a low blow too. My bad. So what have I been up to these past few weeks? Aside from work, just two things.

2010 Brodie Force

2010 Brodie Force – courtesy of Brodie Bikes

The Bike
First of all, I bought me a bike. As mentioned earlier, I was in the market for one and decided to finally bite the bullet after swinging by the Steveston Bicycle & Kayak Shoppe to talk about choices. After some consideration, I went for the Brodie Force – a locally made bike suited to my needs (riding along the dyke, basic Richmond trails, that sort of thing).

I haven’t really strayed too far from home as of yet, simply heading west from my place through Steveston and through Garry Point park, but once the weather improves I’m hoping to ride east to Triangle Beach. I don’t see myself venturing too far from home base though – gotta remember I’m no longer 17 and I have a bum left wheel to contend with. That said, it’s definitely been great to be back on a set of wheels for the first time in nearly 15 years – I just wish the seat was more comfortable.

The Site
Although this might be old news for those of you who follow me on twitter, I felt the need to register a domain and decided on after discovering that was already taken.

The plan with the site is to have content that “pokes fun of, makes fun of, or made-up of crap about the Flames.” True it’s nearly the end of the season, so all the fun that could be had has likely passed us by, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Right? And with the number of people signed up to provide content, I’m sure each one of us will feed off the other.

What’s that? You want in on that action? Well drop me a line – I placed an open casting call on twitter and have yet to turn anyone away!