While it’s been a while since I wrote a post here, some of you may have been following me over on my wedding blog – Marriage in Maui.

Wedding Budget Stress

So I figured I would cross the virtual line and give leftcoastbydesign some love by talking about really my only stress of the wedding to date – the budget.

When Marnie and I decided on our date and location, we committed to a makeshift budget based on costs we were aware of and those suggested by a wedding template we grabbed off the internet. And while a destination wedding is somewhat different (who am I kidding, it’s just different) than a local wedding, we figured we had everything under control.

And I guess we still sort of do.

It’s just that our expenses seem to be more of a moving target than a static one. Different costs come into play that we didn’t consider from the onset (such as a shuttle bus for our guests to our venue), while others have been higher than our estimate.

Fortunately both of our parents have committed to helping us out. And we both have savings to support our contribution – thank you Shaw Communications for my employee stock option grant – so we’re not in a world of hurt. But I can sure see how people can get in a bad way.

So I ask you this. What would you do to save a few bucks on a destination wedding?