Originally I wanted to chitchat about each and every game on an individual basis. I thought it would not only force me to get my act together and get used to posting, but it would also allow me to talk about each game specifically.

Well, there are two things that impede this effort. Firstly, I had the misfortune of ordering the HDPPV where the Canucks decided that it wasn’t in their best interest to take any shots against the Washington Capitals. Talk about a wasted eight bucks (a benefit of work)! The second impediment is the fact that when the ‘nucks play in a different timezone, I don’t have the means to see the game itself seeing as I don’t get off work until 500p. So how fair would it be for me to tell you how a game went, when I didn’t see it in the first place? Sheesh..

But, what the heck. I’ll tell you anyway:

Game Three: After two emotional victories against the Flames, I would have thought that the Canucks would have wanted to carry that momentum with them to Washington. I’m not a “hockey” man, so it must be a soccer related belief as after two periods, the Canucks had peppered Johnson with 3 shots (and I think Burrows had two of them).

Green Gets One

End result was a 5-1 regulation loss (the fact we got 1 should have been incentive enough to shoot more). What a way to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Game Four: Prior to the game, the hope about this game was the Canucks would play well enough to show that the previous game against Washington was an aberration and should they win, this would be a bonus against a talented Red Wings squad. As I didn’t get a chance to watch this game (I even forgot my walkman so I couldn’t listen to the game on the bus home), I’m not sure how things went, but from the hearsay online and the TEAM1040 that the Canucks showed up and challenged all night long only to pull it out in overtime with a timely Burrows goal (can you say underpaid)? End result was a 5-4 win in OT.

Game Five: Only a night after the win against the Red Wings, the Canucks were definitely in tough against an undefeated Sabres squad. As it was scheduled start for Sanford in place of Luongo, it was going to be necessary that the Canucks step it up defensively. Again, this must also be a belief I have acquired from my years playing soccer as the Canucks didn’t seem to think it necessary at all. Aside from a spirited scrap between Hordichuk and Peters, the Canucks laid another egg. End result was a 5-2 victory for the Buffaslugs.