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Featured Playoff Beard: Rock the Casbah

This was originally posted over at Canucks Hockey Blog and I thought to spread the message by bringing it here too!

2011 Canucks Playoff Beard 2 - Day 41 - ProfileAs many of you know, not only am I a pretty die-hard Canucks fan, I’m one of many who have grown a playoff beard to support the team.

And as both J.J. and I have mentioned previously, I’m also participating in the NHLPA Beard-a-thon, to raise money in support of the Heart & Stroke Foundation in order to put as many defibrillators as possible in arenas across Canada.

I appreciate your support with a pledge, and also, I wanted to draw your attention that I’ll be the featured “playoff beard” of the day today, Friday (May 27th), and was hoping you could spread the word that you “know the guy” on the front page of the Beard-a-thon website. My hope is that with the increased exposure, a relatively decent beard (and one that hasn’t grown this much – ever), and your support that we can work together to raise as much money possible to get those AEDs in rinks across the country.

Thank you for your time and support!

Go Canucks Go!

Game On!

When the puck drops at 7:00p tonight between the Canucks and Kings, you’ll be able to find me sitting up in section 311 taking in Game One of what I hope to be a lengthy postseason spell from my favourite team!

Two Tickets to Game One - Canucks vs. Kings

Where will you be?

I know, I know.. I really shouldn’t brag. But aren’t you just a tad bit jealous? GM Place is going to be rocking, the towels will be swinging, and I’m putting money down that Mark Donnelly will raising his mic to the crowd to help sing O Canada. What a way to start the game for the first of 16 wins, eh?

Now for those that don’t know, this will be my second Game One experience when it comes to the Canucks in the post-season. I had the good fortune to be at GM Place for the first game between the Stars and Canucks back in ’07 – lets just say that getting a good 4 OT periods AND a Canucks is something more than EPIC!

And I thought the garage was rocking that night…

Canucks 2010 Playoff Beard Challenge – Day 3

So far the Playoff Beard Challenge is off to a steady start – just me. But word has it there might be something coming down the pipeline on the team side, for those of you who want in on the action, time is of the essence!

Anywho, here’s my progress through three days – some good quality stubble:

Canucks 2010 Playoff Beard - Chris - Day 3

Chris – Day 3

Join the Canucks 2010 Playoff Beard Challenge by keeping us all up-to-date on the progress of your playoff beard by adding your photos to the flickr group – http://www.flickr.com/groups/canucksplayoffbeard/

The Canucks 2010 Playoff Beard Challenge

Last night, Marnie asked if me if I was going to begin my playoff beard. I simply turned to her, smiled, and cackled maniacally. You know it.

Chris - Day 1

Chris – Day 1

It’s been at least two years since I’ve been this clean shaven as I’m normally sporting a goatee. But figuring it’s proper playoff beard etiquette to start on a fresh playing field, I shaved that bad boy off along with my weekend beard (yes, I’m lazy on weekends). And then I went and advertised on twitter – seems I’m not the only one doing the beard.

So always having been one for some friendly competition, I’ve officially opened the Canucks 2010 Playoff Beard Challenge. To participate, simply take a picture of your beard from Day 1 through to the end of the Canucks playoff run and share it with the world. How to share you ask? Well, you can do one of the following:

And what would a challenge be without rules?

The Rules of the 2010 Canucks Playoff Beard Challenge

  1. You don’t talk about Beard Club.. err.. the Challenge.
  2. You don’t talk about Beard Club.
  3. If you can’t do the beard, commit to something and stick to it (special ritual, personal habit, etc.). We’re here at the Challenge do not discriminate against those who can’t/don’t/won’t grow facial hair.
  4. Once you’re in, you’re in. Unless you’re not. We’re not that hardcore. But keep in mind the idea of a playoff challenge is to keep it going – and Lord knows we’ll make you feel shame should something untoward happen to the Canucks in the post-season AFTER you quit.
  5. The wishes of your significant other do not trump Beard Club. In fact, you should encourage him/her/it to heed the call to challenge and join up.

So are you in? And anything you care to add?

Canucks Trade – LCBD to CHB for Futures

During the last Canucks tweetup, I was able to have a good discussion with J.J. Guerrero of the Canucks Hockey Blog, and he thought it would be neat to have me come on board as a Guest Contributor.

Anywho, thinking that my love/hate relationship with a number of Canucks players was worth reading, it’s the topic of my first post there. Moving forward, much of my Canucks chatter/banter/rants/ravings will appear on CHB – at least until they take the keys away (Vegas line says two weeks).

I’ll still be posting here, so please don’t disappear completely!


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