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Merry Christmas

Just wanted to drop a quick note to my three regular readers to wish you a Merry Christmas. May your egg nog never run empty and shall your chocolate stash never run out! Consider this video I’ve shared my gift to you.

Christmas Day Triple O

White Spot Burger Platter

White Spot Burger - courtesy of Raul Pacheco-Vega

One of my favourite restaurants to swing through has to be White Spot. Having grown up here in Vancouver, Triple O has been an integral part of my life and something I nearly consider a right (some may simply say that I’m addicted). So what does this all have to do with Christmas?

Going on a decade now, the Richmond Centre White Spot location has opened it’s doors Christmas Day to not only provide a quick meal for the holiday weary, but to also raise funds for the Richmond Hospital Foundation. Open 11a-3p tomorrow, all proceeds made by the restaurant through sales and tips earned by employees who donate their time go to the very worthy cause (last year alone raised $8888).

So if you find that you have a desire to order a Legendary Burger (I recommend adding the Baked Potato Inspired Poutine as seen in Raul’s picture) or just want to enjoy a hearty serving of Nat’s Hearty Brunch on Christmas Day, I encourage you to do so. Just plan on getting there early!

Christmas in Halfmoon Bay

Christmas ornament

Ornaments Hung with Care – courtesy of Allie

As Marnie’s family lives on the Sunshine Coast and mine lives locally in Tsawwassen, the convenience of having everyone so close to home at Christmas is nice. Although it can be difficult to be in both places on Christmas Day, we try to alternate home and away every year to ensure our individual families don’t feel left out.

It’s actually been three years since we were last up with Marnie’s folks as her work schedule over the holidays hasn’t been too accommodating. Fortunately, her parents were able to swing down to our place in Steveston, so we were able to share the festive season with both of our families at the same time!

But back on topic, the trip up to Halfmoon Bay (which for those who are keeping track, happens to be just north of Sechelt) is always nice – especially this time of year. There’s a certain sense of reward when you leave the hustle and bustle of the city for the laid back village feel the Sunshine Coast possesses. And making it even better is the fantastic warmth and contentment I get sitting in front of a wood fired cast iron stove while listening to Christmas Carols softly playing in the background – our gas fireplace is nice, but it just isn’t the same. It will only be a quick trip up for a few days, but one that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks!

But it shouldn’t always be about me – what are your plans for the Christmas weekend?

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Winter Tour 2010

It may only be the start of November, but just like Costco I’m getting myself prepared for Christmas by acquiring a pair of tickets to take in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra when they roll through town on November 12.

Now true, thinking of such things while in Maui is probably forbidden, but I’m actually pretty stoked to be catching TSO when we return from paradise. And if the video above wasn’t enough for you, why not learn more from the description I ripped off of wikipedia:

The orchestra’s musical style incorporates classical, orchestral, symphonic, and progressive elements into hard rock and heavy metal. The orchestra is most famous for their series of rock operas. They have released two albums that are being toured in the spring (Beethoven’s Last Night and songs from Night Castle). They are also known for their charity work and their elaborate concerts, which are complete with a full orchestra, a massive light show, lasers, dozens of pyrotechnics, moving trusses, video screens, and other effects that are synchronized to the actual music – source

So what do you think? Yes it’s a little kitschy to be rocking to the Christmas tunes so early in the season, but considering the strength of the orchestra that’s rocking out to ’em, I’m sure there are worse things to be doing.

Your Favourite Christmas Movie

When I first thought about what I wanted to write about when it came to my favourite Christmas movie, I was thinking of a top 5 list. You know the kind. The meme, tag all your friends, piss a few off kind. But the more and more I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with 5 movies of my own that I’d rate as “favourites.” I could think of one or two that were sort of favourites, but not the kind I wanted to spend time talking about.

So I chose one.

Billy Mack is The Bomb

My first thoughts of “Love Actually,” as based on what limited feedback can be provided from watching the trailer, weren’t all that nice. I figured it was your typical rom-com looking to exploit all those nice feelings we experience during the holidays and one that was simply created to give Hugh Grant something to do. Heck, you could even say it was your “typical Hugh Grant rom-com looking to exploit all those nice feelings we experience during the holidays.” Wait, do I hear an echo?

But even I get them wrong from time-to-time.

Love Actually

Love Actually is Perfect – courtesy of nehuenmingote

“Love Actually” was a beautifully written movie that I find I’m always looking to watch each holiday season. True I enjoy the fantastic chuckle I get from “Christmas Vacation” and love watching the original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” but nothing compares to this one. Maybe it’s that I’m such a sentimental guy that I’m reminded that this was one of the first movies that Marnie and I both thoroughly enjoyed. Or maybe it’s the quirky British humour I appreciate. Whatever it might be, I find that “Love Actually” always gets my holiday spirit amped.

And then there’s the scene below. Should that engagement of mine ever find it’s way to the gates of holy matrimony, I’m so going to do this:

I know what you’re thinking. But c’mon, wouldn’t that be cool?

So what do you think? Does “Love Actually” make it to your list? Or are you a fan of something different, say, Die Hard? While you consider your many different choices, I live you with some epic Billy Mack because Lord knows, everyone needs a little Billy Mack in their life.


PS: I’ve also gotten a little festive with the theme. I’ve been pretty stoked about Mystique since switching to it and think I’m loving the Christmas add-on (this link’s a direct download) just as much.


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