If it wasn’t obvious to the millions of Left Coast readers (an approximate value of course) out there, posting with any semblance of regularity is a nonexistent theme. You could say that I struggle with getting things done.

It’s time for that to change.

Getting Things Done

#GTD – courtesy of
Alejandro Escamilla

While I’m only familiar with the GTD concept introduced by David Allen in his aptly named book – Getting Things Done– the idea of organizing your to-dos, priorities and schedule into a logical structure is defintiely appealing.

While I can appreciate that every aspect of life cannot be planned, I do believe that if you can provide structure around the chaos and apply it with consistency, you’re likely in a better position to handle everything that comes your way. Well maybe not handle everything, but handle anything.

This is where you come in.

What strategies, or hacks, work for you? Is there a secret sauce that you’d be willing to share? How do you introduce organization into your day-to-day and where did you start? I’m truly wanting to know.