Sockeye Season in Steveston

The Line for Sockeye Salmon

On a recent walk through Steveston (while reminiscing with Gladys – @gloomybb), I was utterly amazed at how busy the pier was with people looking to grab themselves some fresh Sockeye Salmon straight from a boat. Having grown up in Steveston, I remember days when this was the case (especially when the pier was redone), but in recent years I only remember a spattering of boats selling the odd fish or crustacean so the sight was one for sore eyes.

With the massive return of sockeye salmon (estimates of over 30 million have been provided making it the largest return in over a century) I would have thought there would be enough to go around, but apparently this past Sunday only one boat had any sockeye available as the others had sold out. This in turn created lineups of over 50 people each (there were two to the same boat). As sockeye is also considered to be the most desireable salmon to eat, it does make sense to be that popular but I’ve read that processing plants have had trouble keeping up that they are turning boats away, so you’d think there’d be enough for the average joe to pickup at the pier. Go figure.

cast for salmon off the public fishing wharves..

The Fish was THIS Big – courtesy of Iwona Erskine-Kellie

Not being a seafood guy myself you won’t catch me lining up for a $20 fish, but for those that do want to grab one I do have advice for you – arrive the night before and bring a sleeping bag.