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Don’t Change Much

DontChangeMuch.caI’ve spoken about getting healthy in the past, yet always find myself too easily falling back into old habits.

It’s as if fitness and good health is hard or something.

I guess that makes sense though. If good health were easy, everyone would be hitting the gym, exercising, eating properly and living as close as to forever as possible (science!). Fast food wouldn’t be fast. Junk food would actually be junk. Sunshine. Rainbows!


Recently I was chatting about my challenge with getting a hold on life with a co-worker and he suggested I check out the Don’t Change Much campaign. Built on the premise that with a few easy tips, men can make small changes to great impact on good health, it was if the program was built with me in mind.

For instance, simply drinking 5 tall glasses of water throughout the day can make it 54% less likely of suffering a fatal heart attack. And dang, I can do that. I can easily drink water. Or how simply swapping out half of those tasty fries for a half salad helps add a serving of fruit or veggies into your diet. Again, easy.

My hope is to continue to check-in with you as I “don’t change much.” But if you have any other easy tips to share, please do! The internet is a big place and my guess is that many of you are either wanting to join me on this journey, could be already well into your trip, or have already gone quite a way to good health – you’ve all likely learned much and my hope is that I can in turn learn from you.

So… what simple things have you done to help you get healthy?

While you’re thinking, watch this video:

The Transition

Tomorrow marks the start of the sixth week in my “Lyterforce” lifestyle change. And if I were to tell you that it’s been easy, that would be an outright lie.

Carry that Weight - 25 lbs

Courtesy of Clonny

In the first week of the diet, my body really didn’t understand the significant reduction in calories, sugar, carbs and all that other goodness (or lack thereof) and made sure to let me know through some physiological changes – headaches, mood swings, and lethargy. Yet I persevered and in the following weeks seen the equivalent of 25 sticks of butter disappear – or pounds for those that doubt my conversation ability.

And now as I roll into the sixth week of this lifestyle change, I’m looking for ways to continue the push towards better health. I’m constantly evaluating what I’m eating and how I can improve upon my food choices. I’m looking for easy ways to introduce exercise into my day whether it be taking the stares, getting off the bus a stop or two early, or even taking the scenic route to walk between points A and B.

Has it been easy? No. But I’m happy and that’s what matters the most.

The Diet

Today is the first day of my diet. And so far I think I’ve stuck to the plan.

TFD (The First Drop) logo on fitness bag

Courtesy of PeterJBellis

In my books, all success no matter how small is success nonetheless. Even more so considering some of my previous adventures to get healthy.

Having seen a few of my coworkers meet success, I’ve signed up for the New Lifestyle Diet in hope that the regimented (and portion controlled) plan will help me see a similar transition to better health.

Combining 7 portion controlled meals with a 1 defined “Healthy Meal” (4oz of lean meat & 2c of veggies for dinner), the idea is that by “training” me to distribute healthy meals throughout the day and consider portion size, I’ll be able to better maintain my weight upon completion of the diet. And on top of my new eating habits, I also need to include a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day – the recommended exercise for beginners like me is a brisk walk.

Where you all come in is the support I’ll need to get through this. While much of the load will be borne by me, I’m empowering each and every one of you to kick my ass (I don’t swear often, so consider this serious) if it looks like I’m wavering. Help me keep sight of the goal & provide encouragement if need be. Join in on the conversation I’ve started on Twitter (#lyterforce is the official hashtag) & Facebook. Considering this crowd-sourced support!

If you’re doing the same thing, don’t be afraid to ask me for help. Let us share our trials and tribulations as we make an investment in our health and well-being! I’ll keep you honest if you promise to keep me honest.

And maybe we can re-write that book to show that our small successes were in fact one giant amount of success.

It’s life you know.

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