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With today being Friday, I’m getting the long list of recommendations of “followers” that I should follow on twitter. Some of these recommendations come with a caveat that the group is a “swell bunch of peeps” or “epic #Canucks fans,” but very few of them come with anything more than that. And whenever I find myself in one of these lists, I’m always quite grateful that somethings highly enough of me to include me with such a description, but always wonder if people who see the list ever wonder how I wound up there anyway.

For instance, what criteria does one use to define an epic Canucks fan? I wouldn’t disagree with that classification in referring to myself, but sometimes I do wonder how others match my level of epic-ness. Or better yet, what makes me a swell guy?

So to do something different (albeit not entirely original), I decided to solicit advice on who I should follow by asking the following:

If you were to recommend two of your followers for me to follow, who would they be and why? @lyteforce

To me this makes more sense. Instead of just randomly clicking profiles trying to increase my following count on twitter, I’m getting some insight on why something thinks someone else is worth following – the information is more genuine and to me carries more weight.

Now that’s not saying that a simple “#Canucks fan” #FollowFriday can’t do the same thing, but it doesn’t tell me much more than that and really, that’s what I’m looking for.