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My Dead PlayStation 3

Considering the timing, it’s somewhat funny that my PS3 up and died Saturday morning. You see, it was moments after I received an email telling me my PlayStation 4 had been shipped from Amazon.
Broken PlayStation 3
Must have been a broken heart or something.

What’s awkward about the break down is the fact that my PS3 titles are useless with the PS4. And even more upsetting is the fact Grand Theft Auto 5 is not likely to be ported over to the next-gen platform and I was only a portion of my way through the story. So I’m left with a quandary – what do I do?

Having looked a bit into the issue, it seems that the blu-ray has up and bought it. While blu-ray discs are “recognized” to be inserted, the actual title never loads and that I’m told is a tell-tale symptom of a laser issue. While I could go out and repair the console, the average cost seems to be $100 which is essentially half the price of a new one. And then there’s the fact my brand spanking new PS4 arrives tomorrow.

So what would you do if you were me?

PS4 or Xbox One

As a few of you know, I’m a console gamer. Sure I may fire up the PC to rock a little World of Warcraft, Starcraft, or Diablo from time to time (yay Blizzard!), but my heart lies with console. So with both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One coming to market later this year, I’ll have a very important decision to make – which one do I buy?

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 – courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment

For the record, I currently own a PS3 (my first “newest” console purchase back in the day) and an Xbox 360. I’m also a PlayStation Plus member and pay for Xbox Live. So as you can see, I’ve invested in both. And while the use of the PS3 has always been greater due to its versatility as a Blu-ray player, I should also put on record that I’ve tended to favour it over the 360. So does that mean I choose the PS4 over the One? Maybe.

In fact, I’ve probably already made up my mind. While both devices are powerful and have much potential, at the end of the day the lower price point for the PS4 is attractive. Not to mention, but Sony’s E3 presentation discussed far more gamer-friendly policies than Microsoft’s did. Sure I’ll have to stick with PlayStation Plus to maintain online game play, but seeing as I’ve always been paying for Live, it’s not really a stretch.

But what say you? What are your thoughts? Let’s talk console. Or let’s talk about The Division – yes, this game looks awesome:


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