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A Maui Sunset

The sunset on our first day in Maui

#MauiLyte – Day 1

View from the Lanai

Our west-facing view from the lanai at Kamaole Sands

Aloha! With LCBD here gathering dust again, I thought I would do something different and use it as a journal for my trip. Makes sense, right?

So how are things back in Vancouver? When we left summer was still hanging in there, so I imagine there aren’t too many of you jealous that I’m typing this on my lanai in Maui. But if you are, apologies in advance! Anyhow…
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A Nose for the Tropics

If there was one thing that was immediately noticeable upon arriving to Maui, it had to be the subtle fragrance in the air. Although the scent may be intensified by the humidity in the air, you know you’ve arrived in paradise (or at least my version of it).


A Bloomin’ Hibiscus

According to wikipedia, there’s only two seasons here. If I had to guess, they are called “lots of flowers spring” and “still lots of flowers summer.” I’m not joking. If I were to draw a correlation to what I know from back home, it’s that this feels like summer and a representative amount of floral foliage. And yet my folks (who’ve been here a number of times) tell me that back in March, there were tonnes and tonnes of flowers – I can’t being to imagine what the the air would have smelled like.


A Shrub – with a “rooster” bloom (I’ll share more later)

If anything, it reminds me of my first job. I worked for Harris Nurseryland & Florist in Tsawwassen and there wasn’t a better morning than having just watered all the plants in the spring and having the opportunity to take in that deep breath of vibrantly pure fragrance. The difference from then is that this is paradise, while Harris was that first job. I’m sure you can connect the dots from there.

Aloha from Kihei, HI


I’m typing this while sitting poolside in Kiehi, Hi on the island of Maui. Suffice to say, the post alone has taken about 20 minutes to even start because I’m too busy enjoying the heat, humidity, and sunshine.

Another Maui Sunset from Makena

A Maui Sunset – courtesy of Tavis Jacobs

I haven’t pulled out my camera yet, but it seems that with every step I take I want to take a shot. It’s just unbelievable! And the humidity is nothing like I have ever experienced – it’s like permanently living in the Bloedel Conservatory, especially with the constant call of various tropical birds.

Anywho, the pool beckons my participation so I’m going to bug out. I’ll try to post each day to share with you my adventures (albeit somewhat boring due to the fact we’re here with my folks) as I know how much y’all are enjoying the monsoon back at home.


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