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The Art of the Guest Post

For those that swing by on a regular basis, you’ll probably be accustomed to me disappearing for weeks to a month on end. I just up and take off, leaving you reading out-dated posts about not panicking during the playoffs or my new digs in Steveston. So it should come as a surprise that I’ll be “guest posting” on another site in the coming weeks.

That’s right. The guy who can barely write anything here is going to go and write something elsewhere. But I think it’s just what I needed to get my mojo back. And I’m also hoping that it inspires you to step up and guest post here.

Now let’s hear a that’s right to the power of two.

I’m opening up my blog to you the reader. You can use LCBD as your soapbox if you wish to talk about the issues of the day. Or you can simply tell us about something you thoroughly enjoy. Seriously. Whatever you can think of, I’m pretty much game. The only condition is that I do get to veto power (because that’s just how I roll) should I think you’re off your rocker, but that’s it. So are you up for it? If so, drop me a line or leave a comment so we can chat.

A Quick Tidy

Since upgrading to WordPress 2.8, I have found that a number of problems related to the maintenance of leftcoastbydesign.ca have appeared (the jury is still on whether all issues were Chris related). Whether it be receiving the white screen of FAIL when I attempted to install plugins automagically through the WordPress Admin interface or general sluggishness in trying to add new posts, I simply felt that it was time for a refresh and have gone forth with a complete reinstall.

Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how much water is in your glass), things may change slightly around here and for that I apologize. Although I felt I did a good job in backing up the necessary files, plugins, and favourited dust bunnies before I fired off the nuke, it appears my good buddy FileZilla didn’t do everything I had asked of it and narfed me some data. I’ve done my best to rebuild, repopulate, and replace everything but may have missed a few items. So I ask for your help to find what’s wrong, missing, or otherwise FUBAR so it can be sorted out.


More Changes than David Bowie

For those that stop by outside of a feedreader, you will have noticed that I have moved away from the Rajbot theme that Jonic was kind enough to produce for me and have taken over the Pixeled theme coded up by samk.

The primary reason for the switch to was to ascertain if my recent feed problems (which were really not solved) were related to some outdated coding in Rajbot. I figured that with the recent changes to WordPress, that there may have been been a gremlin or two under the hood. I also figured that I would break two things for every one I fixed, so the easier solution seemed to be switching to a more recent theme. Anywho, it didn’t fix the problem after all so I simply disabled the FeedSmith plugin altogether.

I was going to switch back to Rajbot, but Pixeled had caught my eye and after it took me out for a drink at Starbucks, how could I say no? Anywho, I’ll keep the theme as my flavour of the season.

And because I may have caught a reader or two who was looking for David Bowie, here’s a video to tide you by.

A New Beginning

Back in the day, I once controlled the domain lyteforce [dot] ca (a name procured from my online handle, which itself harkens back to my BBS days) with the grand scheme to have some impact on the intranet. Unfortunately, I’ve only ever been a dreamer and never really a doer, so I let the domain die. I then had some belief that I could teach myself to be a bad ass coder and dreamed up left coast by design as an avenue to show off my skillz, but this too was all for naught as I found I couldn’t wrap my brain around it all and had no artistic ability whatsoever. So keeping true to my modus operandi, I let LCBD go the way of the Queen Charlotte Islands Caribou even after Jonic was kind enough to help set me up with some stellar work to give my blog a home.

Well, shame on me.

Things are hopefully going to change. I’ve decided to talk about what I know instead of what I don’t. Who cares that Chris couldn’t code himself out of a pig latin contest? You and the rest of the world sure don’t. However, maybe you might want to know about:

The Canucks

The Steamer 

BC Ferries


BC Politics

Or maybe none of the above. That’s okay too.

The one consistent message I’m trying to get across is that these three items (as well as many more) interest me and therefore I carry opinions about all of them. Who can you rely on to tell you that he is scared the Canucks are putting too few eggs in the “here and now” basket that they may let Luongo (who is the franchise at this point) think there is a correlation between the rebuilding of condos aroun town and the hockey club he plays for? Or maybe you do want to know about the correlation between the condos around town and three aluminum cans that brought down a government? I can talk about all sorts of that stuff.

And I might even make sense (feel free to tell me where to shove my head when I don’t)!

Stay Tuned

In a matter of minutes, left coast by design is gonna rock my world.


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