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My Love

One year ago to the day, I married my beautiful wife Marnie.  I have truly enjoyed each day with since, just as I have enjoyed each day prior and look to enjoy each day forward.  She is my everything.

I love you Marnie!

You can learn more about our wedding story and see more pictures at Marriage in Maui.

Sunset at Kukahiko

Sunset at Kukahiko Hard to imagine this was only a month and a half ago.

Cement Pole 1 – Car 0

Last night when Marnie was heading out to the to grocery store, she encountered a driver who thought offensive driving in an underground parkade was the hip thing to do. Being the nice woman she is, Marnie chose to take the defensive tack and avoided a collision with the other car by clipping a cement pole. So instead of a possible collision that someone else could have been at fault for, Marnie has been determined at fault for the interaction with the pole – at least from what ICBC says (I think the pole had it coming).

Cement Pole 1 - Car 0

Car gots an owwie!

Thankfully, Marnie is alright. That’s what I’m most concerned about. Sure I was upset that the car got itself all scraped up, but I was pleased that Marnie didn’t get hurt in the mess (although she was a little shaken afterwards). So all-in-all, things are not that bad.

As I wait to hear back from Kirmac Collision about getting the car repaired, I present you the following:

  • My collision deductible is $500 – FAIL
  • I have depreciation insurance which will reimburse $250 of that deductible – WIN
  • My insurance discount will drop from 43% to 35% – FAIL
  • I’ll be back up to 43% in a couple years – WIN
  • Other driver gets off scott free – FAIL
  • Marnie is okay – EPIC WIN TO END ALL FAILS

The last point is the most important.

The Proud Owner of a Mortgage

For those keeping score at home, I officially became a landowner today with the completion of sale. That’s right. Chris and Marnie are now the proud owners of a mortgage and possible lifelong debt. Although we don’t actually take possession until noon on Saturday, we are both pretty stoked.

Mount Baker 2007

Farmland + Mt. Baker = My New View – courtesy of Gord McKenna

We’re still a fair bit away from being ready to move, which is somewhat worrisome due to the fact that we move on Sunday, but I think we’ll be fine. We provided our current landlord notice for July 31st, so we actually have time in between to ensure we get everything moved out, cleaned up, and sorted. But still, y’know? And I also guess that this means that I’m officially a grown-up or something like that. Sure it took me a few years longer than most, but I think owning a home and getting engaged all in one year is a good sign for a 31 year old who would like to think he’s still 13.

What do you think? 😀

Rules of Engagement

When I last posted, it was the NHL Trade Deadline Eve and I was explaining the finer aspects of what is considered by some an unofficial holiday here in Canada. Much has happened since. The Canucks have been on a tear (albeit had a scary one this weekend against Phoenix), Vancouver has been awarded an MLS franchise for 2011 (put down my $100 deposit for two season ticket packages this morning), and Spring arrived.

Oh yeah – I also got engaged!


Marnie – she’s hawt like fyah


The Ring – it’s sparkly

Marnie and I have been together for close to nine years, and it’s my belief that anyone who could put up with me for that long deserves national holiday to be named after them. That being said, we had talked about marriage casually for some time and she had dropped numerous hints that a ring on her finger would be quite nice.

Anywho, when she told me that she wanted to go away a couple weekends ago to spend some time together, I put the wheels in motion to pop the question – seeing as it was to be a romantic trip for us to Saltspring Island. I first bought the ring and then I asked her parents for permission. To ensure she didn’t expect a proposal, I had commented that I wanted to get her a ring and propose but couldn’t afford it at this time (even though I already found what I felt was the perfect ring for her). So when we arrived at Arbutus Point B&B, I’m sure the chance of me popping the question was far from her mind.

In my own unique style, I placed the ring on this counter underneath a large vanity mirror and ensured that all the lights were on nearby to make sure it was as shiny as it could be. Now I’m sure you’re thinking that I should have gone on one knee or maybe had some speech ready to whisk her off her feet, but those that know me would likely understand why I let her find it instead – I’m always playful. Anywho, when she did find the ring, the look on her face of shock and sheer jubilation was priceless.

I can’t believe how nervous I was leading up to it though. Even though I knew the answer and also knew her parents would support us taking the next step in our relationship, it was still quite nerve wracking. That said, I’ve been on cloud nine since – and I don’t want this feeling to ever go away.

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