This may come as a surprise to a few of you. I’ve never been to Las Vegas before.

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas – courtesy of Dan Doan

Mind you, I’ve also never really been further south in the US mainland than Seattle so maybe it’s not that big of a surprise. And even though it’s a relatively easy destination to get to from Vancouver (and can be bloomin’ cheap when flying out of Bellingham), I’ve never really thought of heading down south to sunny state of Nevada. So suffice to say, I’m pretty darn excited.

Now to give you some info, I’m actually heading down with my Uncle to a mutual friends wedding. The only details I have about the wedding itself is that Elvis will somehow be involved, so it will definitely be an interesting experience. Beyond this though, I don’t know much more and the only thing that Marnie has asked (as she isn’t coming) is that I don’t try and reenact “The Hangover” while there. We haven’t yet decided on a place to stay (the wedding party is staying at Imperial Palace – we’re not really sold on that idea), but hope to find somewhere decent and/or fun for a reasonable rate. And I’m still trying to figure out if I should stay an extra night (I’m heading down Friday, the wedding is on Saturday, and my Uncle is leaving Sunday – I don’t have to be back to work until Tuesday).

So what should I do? Where should we stay? What say you all?

This happens to be the first post in the “Never Been” series – a variety of posts about places I’ve never traveled to, but wish to hit up at some point. If you ever think of somewhere that I should go, please drop a line – I’m always looking for inspiration.