If I thought I could handle the late night, the immense lack of sleep, the likely ridicule from my peers, and the probable long lineup outside the theatre, I’d probably be like others and look to take in the midnight opening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tomorrow. But unfortunately at age 31, I don’t think my body could handle the stress and have opted to wait it out a bit. Like maybe 12 hours or something like that.


Harry Potter – courtesy of Mugglehub.com

Even though I’ve never read the books (and neither have Michael Gambon, Ralph Fiennes, nor Alan Rickman for what it’s worth), I still find myself enthralled with the series. As each movie is released, I get excited. I change my ringtone, get caught whistling the title tune in the elevator at work, and begin to write about it here at LCBD. So it’s safe to say that I’m pretty psyched.
But more importantly, are you hooped up on Harry?