For years now, I’ve tried to remain conscious to those of you who swing by in something other than a browser. Whether you used a mobile device or an RSS reader, I’ve always tried to ensure that you can see the post how I intended for it to be displayed, yet at the same respecting resolution and bandwidth.

Laptops, Phones, Tablets, Oh My!

Original courtesy of Jeremy Keith

Our day three goal for Blogging 201 was to investigate responsive design and ensure that we weren’t leaving anyone out – especially those of you on mobile devices.

So while I’m already “relatively sure” that I’ve got this covered, it begs me to ask you this question – how do you do most of your browsing/reading?

Is it on a mobile device during a commute? Or maybe during breaks at work?

Or do you use an RSS reader or something of that sort to keep up-to-date on the world around you?

I’m genuinely interested in hearing how you surf/read/browse!