It’s unacceptable, inexcusable, that should never happen in an important game like that. So we just pissed away two points tonight. – Roberto Luongo

Although I didn’t see much of the game on Wednesday, having a one goal lead so late into the third period and to have as many chances as the Canucks did to clear their own end, you would think the current rendition would be capable of holding things together. Heck, this is a team that is supposed to be a defensive juggernaut with two-way forwards and stay-at-home defense so it shocks me to no end that Joe Sakic is provided some prime real estate at the side of the net to have multiple opportunities to roof one over Luongo. So instead of taking a good step forward with games in hand against most of the Northwest (including Colorado), the Canucks take a side step and go no where. This is what prompted Luongo to tear into the play of the team and provide tears of joy to the eyes of the media across the nation.

So here I am, going to the next game against a shocked Blue Jackets team who thought they were buyers at the trade deadline only to be cellar dwellers sellers thinking that the game should be money in the bank. Louie was going to board up the net, the Canucks were going to come out flying, and I’m going to leave happy. And for two periods, that’s what it was like. Although Columbus was getting some chances early, I was never sitting there worried that they had much going for them. True the Canucks were not really flying, but they were getting the job done and that’s what counts.

Then the third period started.

Instead of keeping the pressure on the Jackets, the ‘nucks threw themselves into neutral and began to coast. Maybe they were looking at the stats during the second intermission that showed the team was mint when it had a lead after two periods, or maybe they thought having Luongo meant there was no longer a reason to play as he would simply stop everything thrown his way? I don’t know. But whatever it was, the team that came out in the third wasn’t the same team I had watched the previous two periods. When the first goal bounced over Louie, you could hear the stadium deflate. So much so, I would have been worried of collapse if the game was played over at BC Place. Then, only a minute or so later, Willie Mitchell gift wraps a breakaway to Rick Nash and we were all tied.

I nearly cried at that point.

Suffice to say, the Canucks then found a way to lose in overtime and watch another point in an already tight playoff race go the way of the Labrador Duck. As I was also at the 14Feb game against the Wild where the Canucks had a lead in the third period only to provide the Wild an opportunity back into the game, and then lost in shootout, I consider that to also be a point in the pisser. So why am I whining about it all? Simple. Check out these modified standings:

  1. 90p – Detroit
  2. 87p – Dallas
  3. 77p – Vancouver
  4. 81p – Anaheim
  5. 78p – San Jose
  6. 76p – Minnesota
  7. 75p – Calgary
  8. 72p – Nashville
  9. 71p – Colorado
  10. 71p – Phoenix
  11. 68p – Columbus

See anything different compared to what’s on today? That’s right. Instead of having the third seed in the west, the Canucks are hanging on to the seventh. And considering they are idle tonight, they could find themselves looking from the outside in if Colorado and Nashville win.

Considering I swear I saw this movie back in 2005-06 season where the ‘nucks played themselves out of the playoffs, I’m worried.

And you should be to.