Nippon Maru 1

Nippon Maru – courtesy of Steven Arai

Back in 2002, the City of Richmond hosted the Tall Ships Challenge and Festival. Although many people were able to see sea going vessels reminiscent of days gone by, the event itself cost a fair amount of money and was considered by some to be a failure. Since then, the event has been revisited by the City and other local interests as something worth doing again, but time and time again it was decided that it was too hard to coordinate effectively. As a resident of Steveston, I’m always supportive of events that showcase my community and was disappointed when the efforts to host the Tall Ships Challenge this year fade away.

Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised to read just a couple of days ago that a similar and smaller event was going to take place this year. From June 3 – 7, Ships to Shore will feature the Lady Washington, Hawaiian Chieftain, Adventuress and Zodiac who will provide shipboard tours, day sails, and even mock cannon battles. Beyond the ships themselves, there will be a festival atmosphere with community entertainment, a farmers market (Steveston has a pretty solid Farmers and Artisans market), and pirate-themed movies each night. Most of the events will be free of charge and family friendly, so you should have no reason not to give us a visit.

If you’re stoked like me, and want to see one of the most picturesque communities on the Fraser River, why not swing through town. And if you are, give me a holler – I’ll come out and give you a tour!