You’ve probably seen me rant, rant again and rave about the Whitecaps FC before – I figured its my right as a season ticket holder y’know – so how do I feel about this season? Cautiously optimistic.

Whitecaps FC vs Impact Montreal FC

Courtesy of the Whitecaps FC

Extending their un-defeated season home opener streak to two games, the 2-0 triumph over the expansion Montreal Impact is a good start. What I hope it’s not is a similar false sense of security we felt after last years win against the Toronto FC. But I shall again, remain cautiously optimistic.

So what of the match itself (for those not wanting to watch the highlight pack above)? Nothing too special in my opinion, though I did have a few thoughts:

  • The Y.P. Lee Fan Club – Lee was solid on the back line. In fact, the use of his head is the sole reason the clean sheet remained intact. Regardless of all that, if the number of fans cheering his every move (including a throw-in) and holding up posters of him at every opportunity is any indication, the Whitecaps FC have found a new demographic of fans.
  • Sebastian Le Toux – His first half goal is down as the earliest score in an MLS opening match ever, just so you know. Moreover, his responsible play looks to be the perfect complement to the bombastic Eric Hassli.
  • The Atmosphere – Either the Southsiders have signed half the stadium up or the fans have become quite a bit more savvy. And it was loud. Very, very loud. That said, definitely a shame that the roof remained closed at BC Place.

Were you there on Saturday? What did you think?