FTL: Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light

If there ever was a rogue like that was both addicting, yet constantly threatening to have me throw my computer against the wall, it would be FTL: Faster Than Light from Subset Games.

You start off the game as the “captain” of the Kestrel – with other ships & options unlocked as you progress through the game – attempting to navigate your way through eight randomly generated systems, until you reach the “end-game” boss that you must beat three times. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Throughout your space travels, you’re presented with choice after choice after choice, with some determining your fate right then and there. Heck, I can’t begin to remember all the times how me choosing to go in guns blazing has resulted in a wipe. And usually when my ship is geared out the wazoo and seriously OP.

That’s the other dynamic. You have to manage resources through your trip to ensure you have enough fuel to go from jump-to-jump, energy to power systems, scrap to purchase upgrades and crew to navigate, repair and repel. You could choose to go guns blazing or hide in the darkness – both routes can lead to success or failure.

Then you start over. Again and again. And again.

While I went the early route and picked up the game on Steam, I’d highly recommend this title for those of you who rock an iPad. The game shouts portable fun (and madness) and occurs to me to be better suited for your fingers anyway.

Have any of you given this one a whirl? I’d love to hear what you think.