Quality + Convenience

Quality & Convenience – courtesy of Alan Chan

If there’s one thing that I can’t seem to talk enough about, it’s how much I love my TASSIMO Coffee System. Serious. Whether it’s the simplicity of popping in a cartridge (known as a T-Disc) and brewing a perfect cup of joe, or the sheer speed it gets me my caffeine hit, what’s not to love?

Now before I continue, I must make a confession. I’m a coffee addict. Personally, I blame my days as a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks because there’s something about getting a free drink 30 minutes before your shift, a free drink on all 3 of your breaks, and a free drink up to 30 minutes after your shift that seems to do that. And don’t get me started on how I miss my partner discount. You know how expensive this addiction is?!

But more to the point, one of the reasons I didn’t always make myself a cup of coffee at home was the fact that I seemed to waste far more than what I needed. I tried and tried to find the correct proportions to brew myself the right amount, but unless I was putting through a whole pot, it never came out right. Not to mention, but the effort required to fire up the Barista Espresso Machine I had didn’t make sense either (although I could whip up a mean caramel macchiato – Chris knows how to make good foam). So having been looking for a solution to this conundrum, my eyes came across the Tassimo that I saw on sale and I was nearly hooked.

What made this story all better though, was the fact my sister no longer needed hers. Seeing the opportunity, we made a switch (Barista for Tassimo) and I’ve been pleased as punch since. Price wise, I’m not spending as much money on coffee out and about and yet with the convenience of having something at home, I’m not even thinking of heading out for a bevvie much either.

But enough about me. Have you tried the Tassimo? What are your thoughts?