What do you use to follow the variety of different blogs you visit? Is it a particular RSS reader? Do you use one of the subscribe via email options that some have available? Or were you like me prior to my introduction to NewsFire and simply visited every site you liked? The reason I ask is that I’m in somewhat of a bind when it comes to keeping track of the different RSS feeds I used to follow.

As I’ve never made the switch from Tiger to Leopard, I’ve slowly found that support for an old timer like me has begun to dwindle. Many of the newer apps out there don’t bother to code for Tiger, while others have slowly converted newer versions to require that Leopard be the OS X of choice. So it was with much sadness that I didn’t read the change log for NewsFire carefully before an upgrade only to find that by running on Tiger, I was no longer able to keep track of life. What’s worse, is I had not backed up the list of feeds I had been following so I lost much of my favourite content.

After a quick search for an adequate replacement, I came across NetNewsWire and figured my problems were solved. Well, guess what I went and did today when the app promptly told me to upgrade? That’s right – another “Tiger Keep Out” sign appeared and Chris was again out of luck.

So here I sit, about two weeks out of date of from all my favourite feeds, and don’t know what to do. Can you help a poor kid out? Or should I simply bite the bullet and upgrade to Leopard?