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Social Media is a Conversation with Freddie

When it comes to social media, you could probably say I’m addicted.  While I dabble in different forms, my main vice is Twitter.  And there are definitely times when my prolific tweeting knows no boundaries.

I will tweet friends.  I will tweet friends of friends.  Heck, sometimes I’ll just tweet messages for the sake of telling everyone I had a roast beef sandwich for lunch (the worst kind of tweets, no?).

Yet if there’s one thing about Twitter I truly appreciate, it’s when other people out there who get social, actually “get social.”  It can be random people that engage.  It can be organizations with a genuine sense of humour.  Or the occasional (give or take) celebrity.

For instance, last night I saw the Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson (@BringerOfRain20) engage with Freddie Prinze Jr (@RealFPJr) regarding the former potentially getting a contract to face the Jays on their West Coast swing.  Now while the likelihood of that is slim to none, I felt the need to respond in my own way and suggest that Freddie’s experience in the movie Summer Catch.

Whether my tweet happened to catch his eye or he genuinely felt compelled to respond, Freddie engaged.

Now before you tell me that one tweet isn’t all that special, what’s important to note is that we didn’t stop there.  I responded and elicited a follow-up.  I think that’s what we in the biz call a conversation:

Humour aside, this is just a small microcosm of what I like about social media.  There is no way that I would’ve ever been able to have a chat with Freddie in real life considering how my sphere and his are so far apart, yet through the wondrous advancement of technology, Twitter makes that possible.

And it’s not just my ability to chat with Freddie.  It’s everyone else that I follow who allow me to be part of a giant global conversation.  It’s Canucks fans during the NHL season or Whitecaps FC supporters during the MLS year.  It’s fellow gamers and clanmates.  It’s you.

And that’s what is really neat about it all.

But I’m curious, have you had an experience such as this one?  Or what is it that binds you to the world of social if it’s not the same glue as me?  I’m truly quite curious.

Raul + 100k-th Tweet = Money for @BCCancer

There are a number of people who I’ve “met” online that I have yet to meet in real life, but the one person I really do need to sit down and “shoot the proverbial with” is Raul Pacheco. In fact, though I’ve been on twitter for many years, it was a post from Raul that got me re-interested (yes, I like to make up words) so I have him to thank for helping me start what has been a wicked ride in social media as it relates to the Canucks.

I'm auctioning my 100,000th tweet.

Raul Pacheco AKA @hummingbird604 – courtesy of Raul

When I recently learned that he was not only nearing his 100,000th tweet AND was looking to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation by auctioning it off, it made perfect sense that I do what I could to support him:

You may ask – what is the value proposition of my 100,000th tweet. Well, for one, I have a fairly sizable readership, both on my blog and on my Twitter account (with over 7,400 followers). And since it’s a milestone tweet, it’s quite likely that my tweet will be retweeted many times. And who knows, maybe even the mainstream media will pick it up. And maybe TechCrunch or Mashable will pick the story up. And this would lead to even MORE exposure.

To bid on Raul’s tweet, you can read his post on the topic or simply tweet the following:

“I’m bidding [X] dollars for @hummingbird604 ‘s 100,000th tweet in support of @BCCancer #b4hb100k”

And although he has nearly 6 times more followers than I, when he does tweet that 100,000th tweet out to the masses, you can add an extra 1.2k followers to his 7.4k because I’m going to retweet the message to all of mine – your message will gain that much more exposure!

So what are you waiting for? Start the bidding!

Lyte1k & Starbucks Giveaway

11 Days 'til Christmas - Wrap Up

courtesy of Chris Jones

For those of you who follow me on twitter, the past few weeks have been spent with countless pleas for people to follow me. Although far from an organic means to attract followers, being so close to 1000 got me far too excited. And Lord knows I like the attention.

Well, it finally happened – I hit the big 1k on Thursday. I’ve been asked if I had some FAN-tacular celebration when it happened.. you know.. something with bells, whistles, punch and pie – nope, nothing at all. In fact, I’m not even exactly sure who it was that bumped me over the 1000 mark because I actually didn’t pay “that” much attention near the end. It took 3 days to go from 995 to 1000, so I stopped paying attention thinking that doing so would keep it from happening. Ever.

But one thing I did do in the past few days was reference that I was going to something for everyone to help pick them up early in the morning or give them that get-up-and-go they might need at some point during the day.

And since it’s the time of giving and joy, I figured that the best way to celebrate was to have my first giveaway here at LCBD and connect it to twitter to boot.

To help keep you going into the New Year, I have put together the “LyteSBUX” prize pack – a 12 serving box of Starbucks VIA™ Italian Roast and a $5 Starbucks Card. To enter, all you need to do is tweet the following:

I want to win Starbucks VIA & a $5 Starbucks Card from @lyteforce & leftcoastbydesign.ca – RT AND follow to enter! #LyteSBUX

See? Very simple. It’s also important to know that the contest will end at 11:59AM PST on December 29th. Now here are some of the finer details (also known as rules) of the giveaway:

  • To win, you need to ensure you follow me (lyteforce) at the time I draw the winner. What you do after is up to you.
  • The giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the United States. Why? Easier that way for me. I’m sorry International friends.
  • I will contact the winner via the method of entry within 24 hours of the contest close. If you happen to be the winner, you will have 72 hours to get back in touch with me or I may re-draw the prize.

There we have it. And depending how successful this happens to be, I might have another something something up my sleeve.

Disclosure: I purchased the Starbucks VIA™ with my own cold hard cash, but due to a holiday promotion the $5 Starbucks Card was provided at no cost. Being the giving type, I’ve combined them both into one giveaway. – cmp.ly/0

Five Seconds of Fame

For someone who describes himself as a shy and reclusive person, I do get infatuated with attention whenever it stops in for a visit. Whether it’s my constant nattering on twitter, my gregarious act at different social media events (who am I kidding, Canucks tweetups), or the number of different domains I’ve registered, each one of these is a conduit to allow me to feed my addiction.

And if I look back, this shy and reclusive guy has always been like that. I was known as “Doctor Bottom” back in my highschool days because no one could rock a Bass Clarinet solo like I could or belt out a baritone vocal number either. I wasn’t the most popular guy, but I was definitely one of the many who wanted everyone to notice him somehow or some way.

So how do you shake such an addiction? How do I get away from constantly wanting to be the centre of attention? Get away from the worry that my message isn’t being heard?

Hi. My name is Chris and I’m an attention-holic.

Directed #FollowFriday

Twitter icon for Fluid.app

Courtesy of gesamtbild

With today being Friday, I’m getting the long list of recommendations of “followers” that I should follow on twitter. Some of these recommendations come with a caveat that the group is a “swell bunch of peeps” or “epic #Canucks fans,” but very few of them come with anything more than that. And whenever I find myself in one of these lists, I’m always quite grateful that somethings highly enough of me to include me with such a description, but always wonder if people who see the list ever wonder how I wound up there anyway.

For instance, what criteria does one use to define an epic Canucks fan? I wouldn’t disagree with that classification in referring to myself, but sometimes I do wonder how others match my level of epic-ness. Or better yet, what makes me a swell guy?

So to do something different (albeit not entirely original), I decided to solicit advice on who I should follow by asking the following:

If you were to recommend two of your followers for me to follow, who would they be and why? @lyteforce

To me this makes more sense. Instead of just randomly clicking profiles trying to increase my following count on twitter, I’m getting some insight on why something thinks someone else is worth following – the information is more genuine and to me carries more weight.

Now that’s not saying that a simple “#Canucks fan” #FollowFriday can’t do the same thing, but it doesn’t tell me much more than that and really, that’s what I’m looking for.



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