Although I’ve only been to the UK for a few days, I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. I have yet to be run over when crossing the street (it’s tough when you have 30 years of looking to the left and then are told instead to look to the right), I getting by at understanding and conversing with people using the local dialect (truck = lorry), and I’ve found that McDonald’s provides free WiFi and allow me to come out and play. It’s been fantastic.

I would like to show off some of my pictures I’ve taken so far, but I failed to remember to bring my USB cable along with me so you’ll have to wait for now. So in an effort to describe my first impression of Skegness, I’d advise you that it’s a quaint seaside town with a flair for the dramatic. Make sense? Probably not. I’m finding it interesting that on the immediate coastline, there are more casino/arcade/amusement centers to count on one hand. And each one of them has neon lights lit, bells and whistles going, and announcers disclosing the latest bingo ball pulled. However, only a minutes walk away and it’s got a small-town village feel with what I would describe as small cottages.

It’s also shocking that there are cameras everywhere. Almost every fourth lamp post or standard has one attached, nearly every building both inside and out, and there are signs advising you that you are under constant watch even if you don’t immediately see any cameras nearby. I don’t believe I’ll be up to anything that would garner the interest of whomever is watching, but it’s quite different than what we’re used to back in Vancouver. The sheer number of cameras is just amazing.

Anywho, it appears that my batter is running low, so I shall be off.