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The Physics of Bus Travel

As an avid user of public transit, I’d like to think that I’ve seen it all while riding the publicly funded limousine service, but every time I speak to my Dad who drives them for a living, I’m reminded there is much more to see.

The morning crush

The Morning Crush – courtesy of tiddlywinker

One common scene we both see regularly is the desire of some people to force their way on to a bus before others have had a chance to get off. A longtime phenomena that has plagued riders of the SkyTrain for years, it seemed to appear on the standard bus system with the introduction of 3 door boarding on the B-Line (which I refer to as Sardine Line as they’re always packed). When the doors open, I find that unless I start throwing elbows or pull out my cattle prod, it’s next to impossible to get off at some stops without being run over by those trying to get on. It’s not like people getting on to the bus quick will cause it to leave earlier as there will always be us wanting to get off, nor does it guarantee a seat as I’m probably in the way of a vacant one as I don’t have the means to get off.


Umbrella, umbrella please go away! – courtesy of mpan3

My other pet peeve typically shows itself when the weather becomes inclement. It seems that covered bus shelters are built in such a fashion that they let the rain, snow, sleet, and frogs pass through so some believe it’s important to keep their umbrella up. Although I have yet to find a shelter such as this, I find time and time again others are taking the safe path and occupy much more space than necessary keeping their head just that much dryer. Again, seriously – why not close your umbrella for the time being? Heck, if you have one, why not stand where you can put it to much better use? However, I’m all about sharing but simply ask that you put your umbrella down and allow many of us to stay just as dry as you are.

There. I’m better.

Slash rant.

The Most Wonderful Time

The last time we spoke, I was poorly putting to words what I felt inside with the loss of my Nana this fall, and the loss of my Grandma earlier in the summer. Not a really joyful way to end the conversation for the year. So I think it’s appropriate that we talk again as our holiday season is nearly wrapping up.

Christmas Eve 2008

Vancouver Art Gallery in the snow – courtesy of tripleman

I’ve done quite well over the past few weeks all things considered. I scored some decent gifts, gave many more, visited with family and friends, and received the white Christmas I always ask for. Yes, snow, snow, and more snow. In my dreams it was to provide for the perfect Christmas for everyone to enjoy, but it appears what can be one person’s dream is the nightmare of another.

Our first unofficial snowfall came on December 13, the same night as the company Christmas Party. With everything going on downtown that night, the odds of catching a lift from a taxi were worse than the Detroit Lions going oh fer this season, so after waiting outside in the cold (and although dressed to the nines, not appropriately for the cold weather), Marnie and I elected to make our way from the Vancouver Convention Centre to the Sandman Suites on Davie. This may seem asinine to most, but we actually did well as many who waited for taxis ended up waiting up to 3 hours at the Convention Centre while we scored a cab on West Georgia. The next day, the sun came out and all was well.

Delayed @ YVR

Delayed, delayed, oh.. and if you didn’t hear, delayed! – courtesy of John Biehler

Or at least everyone thought it was. We then went through a pretty deep freeze for the South Coast only to see more and more and more snow fall. As we here on the Left Coast don’t deal with the snow too well, all sorts of things began to break down, the worst probably having to do with the airport. Day in and day out, the news showed people at wits end queue up in endless lines hoping to find a seat on a plane that was actually taking off. Flights were first delayed, then canceled and re-booked, then delayed and canceled once more. Even my parents who flew out to Calgary on Boxing Day got to experience a 5 hour wait at YVR with an additional hour on the tarmac, but they were lucky as their plane eventually made it to their destination.

So I apologize for all of you who were affected by my selfish desires for a white Christmas. I simply wanted it to be the most wonderful time of the year and thought that snow was necessary for that to be the case. My bad.

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