I’d like to first point out that I’ve never been to a WordCamp and although I was thinking of heading to WordCamp Whistler, I couldn’t get the Gods to work in my favour to free up my schedule adquately. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t kill for one of the toques to pretend to be part of the in crowd though.

My Personalized WordCamp Whistler Toque

Personalized WordCamp Whistler Toque – courtesy of miss604

I’ve always wanted to go to an event like this, but there always seems to be something in the way. If it’s not my schedule, it’s a sports related injury. If it’s not an infirmity, it’s procrastination. So it’s always something. However, if I didn’t actually have an excuse, I’d probably not go due to my incessant shyness. I’m just a shy guy and I’d worry sick about how I, a pretender, would fit in with the in crowd. That’s just how I roll.

In all seriousness, had my schedule worked out, heading to Whistler was probably not in the cards. Financially, there really isn’t much money kicking around in the bank account to stay up that way. Add in the fact that I don’t ski, and although I’d be game to learn, probably don’t have the fitness level to do so (or the left knee) and I’d be the odd guy out. I’d be that guy who you don’t really know, sitting near the back, watching life pass by with a quizzical look on his face.

So I shall wait for a WordCamp Vancouver or Richmond or something like that. Something closer to home. An opportunity that I can’t pass off as not in my price range, doesn’t fit into my schedule, or somewhere I’d feel that I didn’t quite fit in.

And maybe then, I’ll get my very own killer toque.

Update: You can follow the action up at WordCamp Whistler by checking out the wcw09 hashtag on twitter. And dang, I’d still kill for a toque.