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Blogging on an iPad

Anyone have much experience blogging while on the go?

While this post is coming straight from the WordPress iOS app on my iPad 4, I’m not entirely sold that it is the best solution for me. Sure it will work in a pinch – or if I have a post already lined up and just need to fine tune it – but it doesn’t occur to me to be representative of the web experience.

And in searching for alternative apps, it’s like I’m looking for a particular blade of grass in a lush field of green.

So what do you use? Or do you save your ideas and type ’em up once you’re at home? If that’s your route, what do you use to jot those ideas down?

Having spent some time weighing my choice between being a Commie or an Orgy, I’ve come to the decision that switching over to a WordPress.com blog will better suit my needs. Based on this, you’ll find me take a short siesta as I transfer everything over.

See you on the flipside!

Commie vs Orgy

WordPress.com or WordPress.org – which do you prefer?

Wait. You thought the post title was about something entirely different from a blogging platform? Many apologies.

Back on point, which do you really prefer – the self-hosted orgy version or the WordPress-hosted commie version?

Computer on a Desk

Where the Magic Happens – courtesy of Death to the Stock

Ever since I fired up my first WordPress blog, I’ve been running self-hosted – in fact, I think when I started blogging way back it was really the only choice. It also made so much sense back then as the blogs I admired were self-hosted WordPress sites and Blogger just didn’t appeal to me. But since my venture into the Zero to Hero challenge, it got me thinking that I might be better off giving the commie version a try.

Sure I have a significant amount of freedom with the self-hosted version, but what do I really use that I couldn’t do on WordPress.com? Monetization? Meh… no one clicks those links (go spite me and click them!). How about customization? As I’m still scared of breaking things, I very rarely fiddle with any of the code so that’s out of the question. In fact, I could probably save money by spending a few bucks on having a custom domain there instead of here. Then you add in the additional traffic that WordPress.com users seemingly get and the narcissist in me gets all excited.

In fact, if I wasn’t so hesitant to make the switch today, I’d probably be doing so minutes after posting this.

So what are your thoughts? Have you ever considered this conundrum? What made you choose WordPress.com over WordPress.org and vice versa? Inquiring minds want to know!

Fatal Errors

They happen. They happen often. And I don’t know how to fix them.

Wordpress logo

WordPress can be Nice – courtesy of herzogbr

And therein lies the problem.

I’ve always enjoyed using WordPress and have never had any complaints. It was simple enough to use and there was always someone out there willing to whip up a sexay theme for me to put to use. It was a very easy-going relationship.

However, since the last few few updates (I’m guessing around 2.8 or so) I’ve been encountering a variety of different fatal errors when I try to do things. If I try to auto-update WordPress, I get a fatal error. If I try to use a particular plugin, I get a fatal error. If I try to upload an image using WordPress, I get a fatal error. If I wake up in the morning, I don’t get a fatal error – but I think WordPress is still trying to figure how to swing that one.

Essentially I’m at wits end with it all. Anyone have any advice as to what I can do next? Or anyone who’s a super duper WordPress wizard able to help me out?


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