Since upgrading to WordPress 2.8, I have found that a number of problems related to the maintenance of have appeared (the jury is still on whether all issues were Chris related). Whether it be receiving the white screen of FAIL when I attempted to install plugins automagically through the WordPress Admin interface or general sluggishness in trying to add new posts, I simply felt that it was time for a refresh and have gone forth with a complete reinstall.

Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how much water is in your glass), things may change slightly around here and for that I apologize. Although I felt I did a good job in backing up the necessary files, plugins, and favourited dust bunnies before I fired off the nuke, it appears my good buddy FileZilla didn’t do everything I had asked of it and narfed me some data. I’ve done my best to rebuild, repopulate, and replace everything but may have missed a few items. So I ask for your help to find what’s wrong, missing, or otherwise FUBAR so it can be sorted out.