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How many of you can wait 21 more days? Winter is coming.

Recording Life and Other Such Madness

Two of my purchases during the Boxing Day madness this past holiday season was the Inspiron Mini 10v netbook and a Kodak Zx1 pocket camcorder. I figured that the netbook would suit my needs for a portable and practical computing device and the pocket camcorder would be an easier item to carry around to capture life than the DSLR I picked up a couple years back.

Since their arrival in late December, I’ve used both to varying degrees of success. I had a hoot recording video of my day with Liam (my 2 year old nephew) and have since transferred those files to my netbook. The problem I’ve since found is my ability to edit and share the vids after I’ve popped them on the netbook.

This video when uploaded to youtube was nearly 60MB in HD goodness, but it’s completely as-is. What I’d like to do is be able to add a watermark or something to tag it as mine and possibly compress it a touch. So can anyone suggest anything that not only runs in Windows 7 but has a fantastic price of free?

And then there’s the issue of where to share the videos.

With all the options that are out there, what do you recommend? So far I’ve checked out youtube and vimeo, but don’t really think either is what I’m looking for. What am I looking for you ask? I have no clue. What I do know is that viemo has the one upload limit (unless I completely misunderstood that) which hampers my ability to share, while youtube is just not where I’d like it to be if I’m going through all the trouble to film, edit, and then share (y’know?).

I’ve put some feelers out there on twitter (and even to my resident twitter video expert in Allie), but thought I’d also blog about it to see if my other three readers had anything to contribute.

So can you help me record life and other such madness? I sure hope so.

Happy Valentine’s Day

For those not celebrating Chris’ Birthday Eve and are instead celebrating Valentine’s Day, here’s a video about love (and I’m Peter Pan!):

EDIT: Apparently the scheduled post didn’t work. So sorry.

Fracking Matt Damon

Although I’ve been remiss in finishing my latest post, it’s for a good reason.

I’ve been busy fracking Matt Damon. Okay… maybe not actually fracking him. But this is totally going to be my new reason for everything. Like when I’m late getting home from work:

Marnie: Why are you late getting home from work? Traffic?
Chris: No, I was just busy fracking Matt Damon.

Or lets say my flight is late:

Chris: “I wonder why we haven’t arrived in Vancouver yet.”
Pilot: (over intercom)”Hi, this is your pilot speaking. We will be have a slight delay with our arrival time tonight due to someone fracking Matt Damon”

It’s not that farfetched. Apparently there are airlines where this could happen. Crazy stuff, huh? Anywho, the inspiration for this entry comes courtesy of Mark.


Now if I could only figure out how to centre this bad-boy.


Apparently Jimmy Kimmel has been getting busy too (thanks to Mark yet again):



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