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Zero to Hero – Where It Began

Yesterday’s Zero To Hero assignment (I know… I’m slacking) has us sharing our very first thought on what we wanted to post. If it were only that easy to remember.

I get that Blogging 101 is primarily meant for bloggers who just setup their very first blog and not guys like me who’ve been in and out of this game for years, but the challenge of trying to think why I started blogging does have me curious.

A picture of WordPress swag

Swag! – courtesy of Cristian Labarca

While I can’t specifically remember what my first post was or why I wanted to share it, I was inspired by two local bloggers – Rebecca Bollwitt and Raul Pacheco – and used their inspiration to carve my little piece of the world-wide web out.

I liked what they wrote and enjoyed the conversations that would take place in their comment streams. And as I was looking for a way to broaden my social universe and challenge myself to break out of my shell, I made the simple assumption that I could do what they were doing. It had to be easy, right? Obviously I learned that their labours of love took some serious blood, sweat and tears.

Some serious blood, sweat and tears. Which I’m not entirely sure I have.

But that’s okay. I’m still here… typing away. I may be the only person who ever reads what I post, and I’m surprisingly okay with that.

LCBD is about me.

But what about you? Do you blog? What inspired your first post? Or even to blog in the first place?

Zero to Hero – Who Am I?

Having just tied the knot (read all about it on Marriage in Maui), I thought it would be a blast to get back into the blogging game on a personal level. And whether it was by coincidence or good timing, I stumbled upon WordPress.com’s “Blogging 101 – Zero to Hero” post which aims to help beginning bloggers get their show on the road.

Kismet, right?

Well, today’s assignment is to tell you a little about myself and why I’m here.

A picture of Christopher Golden - me.

This is me!

Hi. I’m Chris! I like long walks on a beach at sunset. I’m also slightly addicted to social media. I’m in to sports, and while never played hockey (on ice at least), am very passionate about the Vancouver Canucks. I also dig the Whitecaps FC, BC Lions, Vancouver Canadians too. I’ve actually been in this blogging game for close to a decade now, though I’ve never really picked up the knack at publishing regularly, let alone having a focus.

That, I’m hoping to change.

I plan on discussing my thoughts on the local sports teams here, my addiction to social media, video games (yes, I’m a nerd), and a little bit on what goes on here on the Left Coast. Sure those topics will mean a broad spectrum of appeal, but that’s me and I’m not sure I’m really ready to settle down yet.

But if you were me, what would you do? What interests you the most? What would bring you back here more than the casual visit? I’d love to here your thoughts down the comments!


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